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Accattoli, Massimiliano (2020) Social Media Marketing Adoption in Italian SMEs: Barriers in the Adoption of Social Media by Italian Wine SMEs. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Adesanya, Seyi Ayomide (2020) An Evaluation of Leadership Skills on Organisational Performance in Financial Firms in Ireland. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Adetunji, Rukaiyat (2020) An Investigation on Whether the Awareness of Animal Testing Improves Consumer Behavioral Patterns Vis-Á-Vis, Brand Loyalty and Ethical Consumerism Towards Animal Testing. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Agarry, Uchechukwu Dinah (2020) The Governing of Corporate Social Responsibility: The Role of the Regulator. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Ajayan, Aravind (2020) A Study on Consumer Awareness and Attitude Towards Food Products with Sustainable Supply Chain. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Ajibowu, Kehinde Oluwatosin (2020) Relationship Between Consumer Behaviour And Branding in Selected Family Businesses in Lagos State. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Akala, Ayotobi Olaide (2020) An Exploratory Study on the Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on Consumer Trust: A Case Study on Selected Banks in Lagos Nigeria. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Akerele, Oluwakemi Oluwatimil (2020) The Impact of Reward Management System on Employee Productivity: Study of the Banking Sector in Ireland. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Akkilic, Umre (2020) How Manufacturing Industry’s Supply Chain has Impacted During Coving-19 Pandemics (March to June) in Turkish Manufacturing Industry. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Alur, Nitanti (2019) To understand the difference in coverage between men and women’s sports in India with specific reference to the cricket world cup of 2015 and 2017. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Amagada, Magdalene (2020) An Exploratory Study of the Effect of Workforce Diversity on Employee Performance: A Case Study of Oil Servicing Companies (SME’s) in Port. Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Antunes Ferreira de Souza, Priscila (2020) The Structural Break-up of the Big Four Accountancy Firms to Restore Market Confidence in Audit Services. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Araujo Marques, Monica (2020) An Exploratory Case Study of the Influences Personal Abilities and Self-Efficacy have on Performance for Remote Workers. Masters thesis, Griffith College..


Bok, Hansoo (2020) A Study on the Effects of the Buyer-Supplier Relationship on Purchasing Performance and Satisfaction in Supply Chain Management in Malaysia. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Bradshaw, Emmet (2019) A Study of National Identity in the Irish Men’s Football & Rugby Teams. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Burke, Diane (2019) Power of the post: Instagram is the chosen social media platform for PR content of cosmetic companies. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Cassidy, Lauren (2017) Hegemonic masculinity and emphasised femininity: A comparative analysis of fitness bloggers Instagram accounts from May 2017. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Chapman, Gillian (2018) How Many ‘Likes’ Is My Life Worth: A radio documentary exploring the Psychological effects of social media. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.

Childs, Alice (ed.) and Childs, Roger (ed.) and Byrne, Gay (2014) The Meaning of Life 2: More Lives, More Meaning. Gill & Macmillan.

Coakley, Maurice (2016) Ireland, Europe and the Global Crisis. Journal of World-Systems Research, 22 (1). pp. 177-201. ISSN 1076-156X

Conor, Fay (2018) Raised by my Motherland: A radio documentary on Lyudmila Matthews, an orphan, a survivor and a witness of Stalin’s Great Terror. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Costa Ribeiro, Jaqueline (2018) Invention of The Hero In Modern Myth Making: In Times of Intolerance. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.

Crosbie, Josh (2018) One Recovery – Two Regions: A radio documentary exploring the urban-rural divide in Ireland. Providing an insight into the lives of commuters. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Debout, Barbara (2019) To what extent does gender stereotyping affect the careers of female journalists in France and Ireland? Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Doherty, Hayley (2019) The Influence of Instagram on the Irish Fashion Industry. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Dos Santos Costa, Tatiane (2020) A Study of the Effect of Robotic Process Automation on the Role of the Accountant and the Finance Professional from the Perspective of the Postgraduate in Accounting and Finance in the Irish Job Market. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Edosa, Osaretin Samuel (2020) Corporate Social Responsibility and its Impact in Developing Countries: The Nigerian Perspective. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Ejike, Ihechiluru Blessing (2020) Nigerian Consumer Behaviour Towards Agricultural Products: A Case Study of Milk. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Ekweremadu, Lavender Odinaka (2019) The Media and the Shaping of Political Narratives: A Study of the 2015 Presidential Elections in Nigeria. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Fabiola, Trindade Amorim Brito (2020) The Necessity for Leaders to be Inclusive and How They Manage Workplace Diversity: A Case Study of McDonald’s - Dublin. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Falayi, Pretty (2020) GDPR & Data Privacy: Impact of Data Protection in Irish Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Feely, Kieran (2019) A Content Analysis of Media Coverage of the Garda Whistle-blower Controversies 2014-2017. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Gandji, Alexander (2020) An Analytical Assessment of the Variance Between Beliefs and Attitudes of Farmer’s Market Shopper in Dublin. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Gidisu, Collins (2020) A Semiotic Content Analysis of Advertisement: Contribution Towards a Holistic Communication Approach to Global Consumers. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Gulver, Can (2020) Global Alcohol Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility: Creating an Impactful Brand Image for Public Health in Ireland. Masters thesis, Griffith College..


Hernandez De Toledo, Carolina (2018) The connection of music to studio and live photography: categorising music photography. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Higgins, Bernie (2017) Bodhaire Uí Laoghaire. A Radio documentary exploring the experiences of Irish teenagers using social networking sites (SNS) and the impact it has on their social and emotional development. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Kahlert, Alexander (2020) An explorative Analysis of how Autonomous Driving Technology impacts the Business Model of the Automotive Premium Segment: A Case Study of the BMW Group. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Keegan, Trevor (2018) Reputation: When a News story damages a good name. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Kremer, Manuel (2020) An Explanatory Analysis of the Possible Solutions to the Shortage of Skilled Professionals in the Hospitality and Gastronomy Industry. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Kucur, Irmak (2020) Effects of Influencers on Consumer Behaviours on Social Media: Do Audiences know their needs, or they only follow their opinion leaders? Masters thesis, Griffith College..


Laumann, Katharina (2019) Immigrant Representation in German Print Media During Selected Periods from 2015 to 2019. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Liu, Ce (2020) Exploration of the Influential Factors of the Financing Capacity of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Jiangsu Province of China. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Lopez, Elisabet (2020) Exploring the Impact of Commercial Sponsors on Spectator’s Satisfaction of the Euroleague Basketball. Masters thesis, Griffith College..


Madsen, Astrud (2020) Selfbuild TV. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Maguire, Sadbh (2019) The Impact of Social Media on the Collection and Distribution of News in Ireland. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Manuel, Ranielyn Tan (2020) Perception of Work-life Balance and the Effects on Job Satisfaction and Productivity Among Filipino CPAs. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Marra, Emanuela (2020) The impact of Neuromarketing on Consumer Behaviour. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Martins Faraco, Artur Cicero (2020) The secret to winning the "War for Talent" - Understanding High-performance employee retention experience of the small and mediumsized company in Ireland in a scarce talent Market. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Mc Cluskey, Fiona (2018) Ireland Informed: A Characterization of Science Reporting in the Irish Media. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.

Mennucci Wasserstein, Felipe (2018) Tabloid Journalism in Ireland and Brazil: A Comparative Analysis between an Irish and a Brazilian Tabloid. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Molony, Bronwyn (2018) A Content Analysis of the Way the Same Product is Advertised to Men and Women. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Niederpruem, Angelina (2018) No Fox in a Box: Metaphors and linguistic pictures used in the football language. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.

Nolan, Emma (2017) Do health-and-fitness magazines influence males’ and females’ perceptions of health and fitness differently? Masters thesis, Griffith College.


O'Neill, Elaine (2019) A study to examine the role of social media within public relations. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Okogwu, Chinedu (2020) Assessing the Impact of Dividend Policy on Investor Decisions in the Nigerian Banking Sector. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Oliveira, Laura (2020) An Exploratory Research of Information Technology Features and Business Practices as Enablers for the Supply Chain Management. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Onwuka, Stanley Osita (2020) Appraisal of the Roles of Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions: An Irish Perspective. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Orenuga, Ayomipojojo Tosin (2020) The Effects of Brand Perception on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour: A Study of Primark, Ireland. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

O’Rourke, Ciara (2017) How does the portrayal of female beauty by the media influence young Irish girls between 8 and 12–years-old? Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Plonz, Anne Sophia (2020) Baby Boomer Women – A critical assessment of the impact of their consumer behaviour and lifestyle on strategic fashion marketing (in Germany). Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Quadri, Shakirat Adefowora (2020) Impact of Training and Development on Employee Erformance In a Small Medium Sized Enterprise in Nigeria: A Case Study of Migliore Construction & Techniche Limited. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Rajendran, Praveen (2020) Examining the Role of Customer Experience in a Multichannel Purchase Journey: Irish Students’ Perspective of Smartphone Purchase. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Ramesh, Bharadwaj (2020) A Study on the Food Supply Chain Traceability of Agricultural Produce in Ireland. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Reeshan, Aishath (2020) Impact of Leadership Styles on Employee Performance: A study on Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) in Maldives. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Reich, Alisa Viktoria (2020) The Role of Work-Life Balance in Tech Companies in Dublin and How to Improve Corporate Performance as well as the wellbeing of employees. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Roldao, Ana Paula (2018) Media And Collective Fear: Has mass media contributed to create an atmosphere of collective fear addressing Islamic terrorism? Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.


Salunk, Harshala Chandrakant (2020) An Analysis of the Indian and Irish IT Work Experience. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Santos Reis, Marcos Vinicius (2020) Does Internal Audit Create Value? Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Sarah Trindade de Andrade, Debora (2020) Crisis Management: A Study of Climate Change and The Possibility of Reducing its Impact on the Economy Using Sustainable Finance. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Schneider, Carolin (2020) Innovation and Succession Planning: A case study on family owned businesses. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Scutari, Tatiana (2018) Losing my Religion: The media's role in the decline of religion and rise of secularism in Ireland. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.

Selvam, Padma DivyaSabareeswari (2020) Sustainable Agriculture in Tamil Nadu. Masters thesis, Griffith College..

Sharma, Vaibhav (2020) A Descriptive Research of drivers and stumbling blocks in the Sustainable supply chain: (Specially focused on the Indian Automotive Industries). Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Shenaike, Derinsola Temitope (2020) The Impact of a Change in Brand Identity on Consumer Purchase Behavior and Loyalty. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Silva Campos, Raquel (2020) Business Social Responsibility Of Small and Micro Enterprises: A Case Study of a Brazilian Micro Supermarket. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Singh, Ashish Varun (2020) A Study to Evaluate the Impact of Mobile Technology on Supply Chain Ecosystems in Irish Enterprises. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Sohi, Kulwinder Kau (2020) The Impact of Taxation on Small Medium Enterprises. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Sopiriala, Tekena-Lawson (2020) A Study of the Impact of Employability Criteria on the Employment Level of Minority Ethnic Groups in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Dublin. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Sperger, Lena (2019) A Tale as Old as Time: a radio documentary on how Millennials understand romantic love. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Spiga, Marta Rosa (2018) How Kurdish Female Fighters are Represented by the Media. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.


Tan, Jing Jian (2020) A Quantitative Study on Factors That Influence the Choice of Being an Entrepreneur in Malaysia. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Tariq, Zeeshan Ahmed (2020) Exploring the impact of control powers and agency philosophy on the creative identity: an exploratory case study on a Pakistani advertising agency. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Uhde, Mareike (2020) The Impact of Social Media on Millenials Food Preferences in a Plant-Based Environment in Germany. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Van-Geldere, Tallisa Delailah (2020) An Exploration of the Role of Social Media Marketing For Irish Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Velasco Rodriguez, Ana Lucila (2020) An Exploratory Study on Gender and Leadership Style Perception of the Entrepreneur in the Mexican Venture Capital Industry. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Walunj, Sanket (2020) A Study of Belt and Road Initiative and Impact of Brexit on Ireland’s Supply Chain. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Williams, Cayla (2018) Two Worlds : A radio documentary on immigration and national identity in Ireland. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.

Wright, Andrea (2018) The Bravery of Seeking Help: Researching how college can have a negative impact on the students mental health and well-being. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.


Yap, Keen Leong (2020) A Study of the Attitude of Malaysian Tertiary Education Students towards Entrepreneurship: Impact of Entrepreneurial Education, Government Entrepreneurial Policy, and Entrepreneurial Culture & Environment. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

Yu, Chia An (2020) To Study the Impact of Virtual Reality (VR) on Online Accommodation Booking Platforms (OABP) in order to Improve the Overall Customer Experience. Masters thesis, Griffith College.


Zell, Lara (2018) Propaganda In Children’s Games. Masters thesis, Griffith College Dublin.

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