Latest Additions to Griffith Open

Awe, Ayodeji (2021) The Impact of Lean and Modularity on Pharmaceutical Facilities in Ireland. Masters thesis, Innopharma.
Mathew, Athul (2021) Antidepressants among Healthcare Professionals in South India. Masters thesis, Innopharma.
Rodriguez Lagos, Karla Iveth (2021) The Technological Readiness of Pharmaceutical Companies in Ireland facing Pharma 4.0. Masters thesis, Innopharma.
Adesanya, Omoniyi Sunday (2021) Limitations Impacting Local Manufacturing of Vaccines: A Nigeria Case Study. Masters thesis, Innopharma.
Mgboko, Chukwudi Anthony (2021) Impact of Post Marketing Surveillance on Falsified Medicine in Nigeria. Masters thesis, Innopharma.
Olalekan Onafuwa, Olanrewaju (2021) Effects of GMP Trends on the Pharmaceutical Industry in Nigeria. Masters thesis, Innopharma.
Babatunde Muyiwa, Talabi (2021) An Analysis of Drug Distribution and Medication Errors to Improve Pharmaceutical Services in Nigeria. Masters thesis, Griffith College.

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